How to cancel an insurance contract

According to Loi Hamon ( 2015 ), most of policies can be cancelled without the "2 months notice ".

So, those can be cancelled anytime but only over the first year of insurance.

This concerns :

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • House
  • Health top up.

The cancellation notice must be managed only by the new insurer for House renters and Car because those are obligatory insurances.


The classic cancellation method ( respecting a 2 months notice ...)  stays valid concerning qome specifics policies and Professionnal insurances .

Then, you must  consider the renewall date called "Echéance principale" or "Echéance anniversaire" . This date is always reported  on your policy personnal terms.
Cancellation must be sent with a recorded delivery letter "Lettre recommandée".
Be careful : date for payment can be different of renewall ....

If you miss that "préavis", some policies may be cancelled within 20 days after the renewal document is sent by the previous insurer (keep the stamped enveloppe !)


Some " non obligatory " policies can be cancelled at anytime...


This is the French bureaucracy !!!

Advice : To succeed in this business, ask your Agent to deal with that job !
We will do it with pleasure and no charge.

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